Featured Listing – Gaming Mode Android App


What is included in the sale?

App Transfer
Source Code
Design Files
What is required to keep the app operational?

No servers or APIs to deal with
Simply update if needed when new Android versions become available (I can provide contact info of a good developer)
Why are you selling the app?

I am selling all of my Android apps to focus only on iOS
How does the app generate revenue?

Admob and In-app purchases
App earns just $0.006 per download (about half a penny!), so monetization can easily be improved!
Are there any expenses for the app? If so, what are they?

No expenses or maintenance. App is completely local!
What marketing initiatives have been used for the app?

Tried Google Ads briefly, haven’t run ads in a while.
How can the future owner improve the app?

App is very clean with not many ads or in-app purchases. If you required for in-app purchases for more features, and got revenue per user to just 0.02, the app would be making $280 per day (over $100,000 / year)
Here is an example is what can be accomplished with an that has this many downloads, by improving the monetization (Revenue/user). For an app doing 14,000 downloads a day like this app is:

Revenue Per Download Revenue/Month Revenue/Year
$0.01 $4,270 $51,100
$0.02 $8,540 $102,200
$0.03 $12,810 $153,300
$0.04 $17,080 $204,400
$0.05 $21,350 $255,500
$0.06 $25,620 $306,600
$0.07 $29,890 $357,700
$0.08 $34,160 $408,800
$0.09 $38,430 $459,900
$0.10 $42,700 $511,000

Just 10 cents per download would earn over half a million USD per year.

music: www.bensound.com

Nguồn: https://xegrab.com/

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