Sunless Citadel Part 2 5/16/2017

All music credit goes to Kevin MacLeod ( for tracks including Clash Defiant, Corruption, The Escalation, Volatile Reaction, Rynos Theme, The Descent, Future Gladiator, Ossuary 2 – Turn, Return of Lazarus, This House, Unseen Horrors, Welcome to HorrorLand, Black Vortex, Final Battle of the Dark Wizards, Anguish, Giant Wyrm, Magic Forest, Metaphysik, Ossuary 5 – Rest, Ossuary 6 – Air, SpringThaw, Thinking Music, Vanishing, Anamalie, Crowd Hammer, Heavy Heart, Lost Time, Come Play with Me, Past the Edge, Tempting Secrets, Call to Adventure and Evening Melodrama. This is all via the Creative Commons v3 license.


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