Top 40 Video Game Tones (Android Game Music)

Ripped from the Android app file, there are 40 ringtone tunes that I found. Sorry if you do not like the order of the images with the tunes. I did not care to spend a ton of time on this one and the tones were in alphabetical order. Anyways, enjoy!

Link to download music –

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Boooom Headshot
Frank Klepacki – [The Music of C&C – Red Alert 2] C&C Hell March 2
Command and conquer – Incoming Transmission
C&C Tiberian Sun – Welcome Back Commander
Castlevania – [20th Anniversary Premium Music Collection] Castlevania Bloody Tears
Castlevania- Vampire Killer – Castlevania- Vampire Killer
Combo Breaker
Infinite Game Music – [Infinite Game Music Vol.2] Contra – Stage 1
Doom – Doom Stage 1
Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy Battle Music
Nobuo Uematsu – [Final Fantasy VIII] Odeka Ke Chocobo
FF7 – [Final Fantasy VII] Final Fantasy Gold Saucer
FF I – [Final Fantasy I Original Soundtrack, Disk 1] Final Fantasy Matoya’s Cave
Final Fantasy VII Victory
F-Zero – [iNES] F-Zero Big Blue
Falcon Punch
SNES – F-Zero Mute City
Nintendo – GameCube Startup
Harvest Moon
namco – Katamari
Kirby Super Star – Kirby 1UP
kirby – Kirby Dreamland
kirby – Kirby Green Greens
Kirby Level End – Kirby Level Victory Dance
Legend of Zelda
Zelda – Legend of Zelda Got Item
Koji Kondo – Legend of Zelda Lost Woods
The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time – Legend of Zelda Navi
Legend of Zelda Secret
Super Mario
Mario 1UP
Super Mario – Mario Coin
Mario Gameover
Wildcard Ringtones – Mario Level Complete
Mario Powerup
Super Mario Bros. – Mario Underwater Music
Super Mario Bros – [Super Mario Bros] Underworld
Underworld SMS
Mega Man 3 – [Mega Man 3] Mega Man Dr. Wily Stage 2
Megaman – Protoman Whistle
Megaman III Music – Snake Man
Metal Gear Solid Codec
Metal Gear Solid – Metal Gear Solid Found
metroid – Metroid
metroid – Metroid Activate
Super Metroid – Metroid Item Acquisition
Mortal Kombat
Finish Him
More Yamasan, B.B., Yuhki, Kimitaka Matsumae – Ryu’s Determination
Pacman Game Over
namco – Pacman Theme
Phoenix Wright – Objection!
Pokemon – [Pokemon] Pokemon Center Recovery
Pokemon Red/Blue – Pokemon Evolution Complete
Pokemon – Pokemon Pikachu
GLADoS – Because I’m a Potato
Portal – Portal Radio Tune
portal turret – Portal Is Anyone There?
Portal – Portal Turrets
Portal 2 – Portal Wheatley
Sega – Sega
FUS RO DAH – Skyrim Fus Ro Dah
Sonic Green Hill Zone
Sonic – Sonic Invincibility
Sonic Ring SMS
Sonic SMS
Star Fox Barrel Roll
Street Fighter – Street Fighter Guile Theme
Street Fighter II – Ken’s Theme
Super Mario Bros 2 – [Gamin O’ clock 1] Super Mario Brothers 2
Worms Incoming – Worms Incoming
Yoshi SMS

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